Holden Colorado: Factory fresh, ready for the dirt

ByEvan SpenceNovember 12, 2018
Holden Colorado: Factory fresh, ready for the dirt
A modified Holden Colarado straight from the dealership?
Words by Evan Spence

The concept of having a wide range of factory fitted 4WD accessories available, to be fitted by the dealership, certainly isn’t a new one… but it is really taking off in this country. Stay with me for a moment as I attempt to explain this using an analogy we can all understand… food. This is basically like buying a vehicle from a buffet restaurant. Want a side of bullbar with a dash of alloy wheels? Scoop away my friend. Want a towbar, and underbody protection? It’s right over there, next to the soft serve ice cream and those delicious sprinkle things… take what you want.


The point I’m making here, is that manufacturers have cottoned on to the fact that the aftermarket 4WD accessory game is a multi-billion dollar industry. The unofficial figure I have read on the wall at my local pub is $5.6 billion dollars per year, just in Australia on aftermarket parts and accessories. So why not take a slice of that pie (see what I did there)?

Considering that oil pan location, I’d be ticking the box that says underbody protection

This here Holden Colorado is a perfect example of this trend. This is not a one off design, like say the HiLux Rugged X for example, which has this bull bar, these rock sliders and that’s what you get etc. etc. Not that there is anything at all wrong about buying a package, Holden seems to want to offer the option of selecting from a fairly wide range of accessories, to tailor individual aesthetics and functional requirements.

Travel from the stock suspension is fairly impressive for leaf springs

After doing a bit of research into pricing, this Colorado, which we had on test, has their Safari Bar, which retails for $2710. Then there is the 3-piece hard tonneau cover coming in at $2670. That black sportsbar on the tray will set you back $1340, and the complete underbody protection system, $970 if you tick Stage 1 and 2. Which you should. An LED light bar will lighten your wallet $1075. The list goes on, there certainly is no shortage of accessories you can add…

The 2.8L turbo-diesel remains, and is a potent performer

So while these prices certainly aren’t what you’d call cheap, when you take into consideration fitting is included, and you can have all options included from the day you take delivery, and on the same finance, it’s certainly an option worth considering if chasing a new Holden Colorado.

This is the modern styled Safari Bar, there are more traditional designs with top hoops available as well

For more information, visit the Holden website here.