GEAR: GME releases new XRS 330C Outback Pack

ByWes WhitworthMay 27, 2020
GEAR: GME releases new XRS 330C Outback Pack

GME has just released the new XRS 330 Connect Outback Pack.

In its latest offering, the team at GME has just released its newest XRS pack, the 330C Outback Pack. The new pack comes with the formidable XRS 330 Connect radio, mated up with GME’s new medium-duty 2.1 dBi radome antenna (AE4707B). The kit is Australian made and is a ready-to-install-and-go kit which gives you everything you need to get UHF communications in your four-wheel drive sorted.

We did a full review of the XRS 330 Connect UHF a few months back, and it includes an OLED screen on the handset, Bluetooth phone connectivity, 5W unit power, and a loud-as-hell 2W front-facing speaker on the handset. However, it’s the new antenna that has us intrigued. For those who don’t want a massive black broomstick style antenna hanging off the front of their four-wheel drive, whether it be purely for aesthetics or due to low hanging branches, this could be just what you’re after. The mast itself features the standard black spring base to take anything the antenna knocks up against (branches and bin chickens alike), while the antenna itself is the new shorter medium-duty 2.1dBi option. This keeps the length of the antenna reasonable, and being a lower dBi gain, allows excellent reception capability through hilly country and forested areas. Worth mentioning is that the antenna mast allows the interchanging of different antennas to suit your touring needs, ideal if you have a couple of different gain antennas in the shed depending on where you’re heading for your next trip away.

Gme Product Release Xrs 330cob

The new Aussie-made kit is backed up by a full five-year warranty. The GME XRS 330 Connect Outback Pack retails for $629 and it comes with everything; the shorter 2.1 dBi antenna, the XRS Connect unit itself, as well as a professional-grade speaker/microphone handset, 12V power cable, mic extension lead and a mic adaptor kit. All in all, it looks like a neat kit to get your UHF communications needs sorted in one box, and it will be on sale at all decent auto and 4X4 retailers from mid-June.