Ford adds remote start to Ranger and Everest… from your phone!

ByDean MellorJuly 16, 2020
Ford adds remote start to Ranger and Everest… from your phone!

New Ford Ranger and Everest models arriving in Australia will be equipped with FordPass Connect, allowing owners to remote start their vehicles from their smartphone, as well as perform other tasks and access other vehicle information.

FordPass Connect incorporates a vehicle-embedded modem that can be paired with the FordPass smartphone app to unlock a range of services.

“FordPass Connect is another way we’re bringing smart, simple-to-use real-world technology into the hands of Ford owners and their families,” Kay Hart, President and CEO Ford Australia said. “FordPass Connect makes life simpler and easier, and as our best-selling vehicles in Australia, we’ve chosen Ranger, Everest and Transit as the first to offer this innovative technology as standard.”

Fordpass Australia Ranger Raptor Engine Running Fordpass Australia Fuel Levels Fordpass Australia Schedule Your Service

The FordPass app can be downloaded for free on Apple and Android devices. Key features of the app when connected to FordPass Connect include:

  • Vehicle Status and Remote Vehicle Monitoring: This allows owners to check fuel level, tyre pressures and mileage via their smartphone.
  • Remote Start and Stop: Drivers can start the engine via their smartphone to commence cabin heating or cooling (to the last known setting) to ensure a comfortable interior environment no matter what the weather is like outside the vehicle.
  • Remote Lock and Unlock: Drivers can lock and unlock their vehicle remotely; a handy feature that means you no longer have to rush back to your vehicle to check if you’ve forgotten to lock it.
  • Live Traffic Updates: Live Traffic Update delivers ongoing, instant traffic updates for more accurate navigation in congested areas. It also offers an alternate route when heavy traffic is detected.
  • Vehicle Locator: Drivers can find their way back to their vehicle in busy parking areas via their phone (a feature that several Unsealed 4X4 staff would find useful). This is also handy when you share your vehicle other members of your household .
  • Vehicle Health Alerts: This capability pre-empts service needs, general maintenance (such as low washer-fluid) and more, sending relevant messages to your smartphone.

Fordpass Australia Everest

Ford expects FordPass Connect to be rolled out across its entire vehicle range by early 2021.

As well as FordPass Connect, new Ford models will include SYNC 3 enabling Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, voice-activated satnav as well as Autonomous Emergency Braking across the entire line-up.

For more information see FordPass Connect or download the FordPass app from the Apple App Store or GooglePlay.