ByJosh NeedsFebruary 4, 2019

Unfortunately accidents happen and things go wrong, but if you are fully prepared you can salvage something from it, whether it be a flat tyre, a ripped tent, or broken suspension. This also applies to fires and, sadly, even if you are prepared with a fire extinguisher your 4X4 may be beyond repair, possibly due to the extinguisher. Firestryker provides a possible solution to this. Firestrykers are small, lightweight and powerful; best of all they are claimed to be non-corrosive and leave no residues meaning it won’t damage the gear you use it on.  It has been tested for use on all manners of fire types from electrical equipment to liquid and gaseous combustible materials. Weighing only 365 grams and just a tad over 30cm long means the Firestryker can be stored in handy spots without taking up too much precious space; furthermore it is non-pressurised which reduces the danger of having it in the cabin. To get your hands on one visit your local ARB store.

RRP $165

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