Expedition 134 Storage Boxes

ByEmma RyanMarch 22, 2019
Expedition 134 Storage Boxes

A good set of storage boxes is vital to keep your camping gear and 4×4 accessories organised and secure, both on the road and at home. Expedition 134 has a range of sturdy, functional storage boxes that it promises can ‘take a pounding’, which is just as well in harsh Aussie conditions.

Unlike bulky roto-moulded storage boxes, the ‘Expedition Box’ is injection moulded for a precisely engineered product that cuts down on weight. And while this high-tech manufacturing process is more expensive, Expedition 134 reckons its lightweight yet durable storage boxes are worth their salt.

The boxes are stackable for ease of storage and they interlock, making them simple to tie down in transit – a process further aided by tie-down points on all corners. They are lockable to keep your gear secure when you’re touring, and are available in a range of colours to enable you to colour-code your kit, making life that little bit easier.

Made in Australia, we reckon this dust-proof, waterproof storage system looks the goods, and will soon be getting our hands on a set to test them out off-road. The folks at A247 are currently selling them for $129.