Drifting a Ford F-450!

ByDean MellorJune 1, 2020
Drifting a Ford F-450!

It weighs in at 3900kg and has a dual rear wheel set-up, but that doesn’t stop Ken Block from drifting a Ford F-450!

Ken Block is without a doubt one of the masters of sideways action but drifting a Ford F-450 Dually takes things to a whole new level.

Yep, you read that right. A Ford Super Duty F-450 Dually.

The truck in question is Hoonigan Racing Division’s workhorse, and it’s been used in plenty of Ken Block’s previous videos, but only in a supporting role. Not this time though – the mighty Dually takes centre stage.

The original plan was for one of Block’s guest hosts to perform a burnout in a Ford Escort tied down to a trailer behind the F-450 ( I know, sounds strange, but anything for laughs, right?) but that went out the window when the clutch was dropped and the Mark 2 Escort snapped a driveshaft.

Plan-B involved unhitching the trailer and Block letting loose in the big Dually on the skid pan, generating plenty of tyre smoke in the process and looking like he was generally having a pretty good time.

Although it has four tyres at the rear-end, the F-450 had no trouble lighting them all up thanks to its 6.7L Powerstroke diesel, which makes a handy 475hp (354kW) and 935ft-lb (1268Nm) of torque.

It’s obvious that Block is quite handy behind the wheel, having proven his drifting prowess in a number of ‘Hoonigan’ videos over the years, as well as having a stint in the World Rally Championship but, after this drifting a Ford F-450 effort, if he was an Aussie instead of a Yank we reckon his branding would simply be ‘Bogan’ rather than ‘Hoonigan’… and he’d probably rock a mullet like Australian racing legend Toby Price.

You can check out Ken Block’s previous drifting efforts on his YouTube channel.