DIY Driveway: Supa-Peg Rapid Wing 6 Deluxe Awning

ByDean MellorJune 26, 2020
DIY Driveway: Supa-Peg Rapid Wing 6 Deluxe Awning

The Supa-Peg Australia Rapid Wing 6 Deluxe Awning provides unequalled shade and weather protection.

If it’s shade you’re after, no other awning on the market comes close to the Aussie-made Supa-Peg Rapid Wing 6 Awning.

The Rapid Wing 6 offers the ultimate in coverage and, once opened, it provides shade and weather protection all the way from your 4×4’s bullbar, along the full length of the vehicle and over the tailgate area. That’s a whopping 17m2 of coverage… and up to 30m2 if you fit the optional full wall kit!

What’s in the kit?

When folded and in its bag, the Rapid Wing 6 is a 2.4m-long awning. It is supplied with all poles, tent pegs, a peg bag, two stainless steel mounting brackets, two heavy duty quick-release straps, four lightweight rain tab straps and installation/operation instructions. Two mounting brackets to suit the Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform are available as a $65 option.

What’s it made of?

The Australian-made 275gsm waterproof, UV-treated ‘Coolabah’ poly-cotton canvas is finished with the Dynaproof process; in other words, the Rapid Wing 6 awning uses a top-quality canvas with a 750mm minimum hydrostatic head, which essentially means it can hold a column of water at least 750mm tall before it would start to leak through the weave. As well as being waterproof, it is rot proof and breathable.

Supa Peg Rw6 270 Awning Canvas Poles

Quality components include Dynaproof-treated 275gsm waterproof poly-cotton canvas.

The extendable poles are made with anodised aluminium and they feature tough Nylon fittings including the knuckles and the large feet, the latter with a generous base and peg holes.


Fitting the Rapid Wing 6 to your vehicle is as easy as fitting any other awning. It has an aluminium baseplate with the usual bolts and Nyloc nuts, so with the right mounting bracket it attaches to any roof bars with a channel, as well as roof platforms.

Lifting it into place is a two-person operation but the Rapid Wing 6 is certainly lighter than you’d expect considering its size. The complete awning in its bag weighs 23kg.

If fitting the awning with the mounting brackets hanging down over the edge of roof bars, make sure there’s enough room to open and close vehicle doors, otherwise you’ll have to flip the brackets the other way

Easy set up

Setting up the Rapid Wing 6 only took five minutes or so on the first attempt and, once familiar with it, you’d be looking at a setup time of around two minutes.

The best method is to loop one quick-release strap around your bullbar and another around your roof rack, then unzip the bag, pull the rear-most poles around to the back of the vehicle and attach the quick-release strap and set the poles.

Supa Peg Rw6 270 Awning Strap

Quick-fit straps hold the awning in place and make set up easy.

Next, pull out the rest of the poles towards the front of the vehicle and attach the other quick-release strap and set the poles.

Now just peg down the poles and/or attach the four lightweight rain tab straps and peg them out.

If you have the optional side walls these are simply zipped on and pegged out.

Pack it away

Packing away the Rapid Wing 6 is essentially the reverse process of setting it up. There are simple clips to hold the poles in place, allowing the awning to be packed away by one person.


The best thing about the Rapid Wing 6 is just how much shade/weather protection it provides. There’s loads of space to set up a few swags with enough left over for a couple of chairs and tables and a cooking area at the back of the vehicle.

Supa Peg Rw6 270 Awning Rear

There’s loads of shade under the Rapid Wing 6 awning.

It’s also pretty easy to set up and pack away, and it’s made from top-quality Australian materials.

The Rapid Wing 6 is covered by a two-year warranty and is designed to suit the passenger side of the vehicle. A driver’s -side version can be made to order.

RRP: $1199

Website: Supa-Peg Australia


Check out the video below.