DIY Driveway: Supa-Peg Frontier Fire Pit

ByDean MellorSeptember 1, 2020
DIY Driveway: Supa-Peg Frontier Fire Pit

DIY Driveway: The Supa-Peg Australia Frontier Leave No Trace Fire Pit

In the latest installment of Unsealed 4X4’s DIY Driveway series, we take a look at the awesome Aussie-made Supa-Peg Frontier Fire Pit.

There’s a lot to like about the Supa-Peg Frontier Fire Pit – it’s made in Australia for starters, out of durable laser-cut steel, but it also has a clever flat-pack design that allows it to fit neatly in a tough heavy-duty bag with a full-width Velcro closure so it can be stowed easily into the back of your 4×4. And the whole kit weighs just 6.8kg, while the bag has sturdy looking handles.

Setting up the Frontier Fire Pit is quick and easy. You can either keep reading the following step-by-step guide or just check out the video we put together below:

When you take the Frontier Fire Pit out of its bag you’ll find eight steel panels, two base plates, a locking pin and, if you want to cook on it, two crossbars to support a pot, pan or camp oven.

To set up, find the clearly marked Start Panel and then slot one of the Middle Panels into it, followed by the next Middle Panel and so on until you only have the End Panel left. Now drop the Locking Base Plate in place and ensure its tabs feed into the slot in every second panel, then pull all eight panels together and secure with the Retaining/Locking Pin. Drop in second Base Plate and that’s it.

Once put together, what you end up with is a 31-litre fire pit with laser-cut flames in each panel that not only look fantastic but also provide ventilation for the fire. The fire pit stands 350mm tall and is 380mm wide at the top with a 329mm wide base.

Supa-Peg Frontier Fire Pit 1

Getting a fire going is easy thanks to all the ventilation – big gaps at the bottom, holes in the two bases and the laser cut flames in each panel – and it’s a great size for a campfire. And it generates plenty of heat without burning through wood as quickly as a big open fire.

Importantly, all of the ash is captured within the base and once the fire pit has cooled down it’s easy to remove the Retaining/Locking Pin, pull out the base and empty the ash. Deconstruction is then simply a reversal of putting the fire pit together, and it’ll be back in its bag and in the back of your rig in about a minute or so.

Img 1585

The Frontier Fire Pit packs away neatly into a tough heavy-duty bag.

You can order the Supa-Peg Frontier Fire Pit direct through the Supa-Peg Australia website or find it at various retailers around the country.

RRP: $229