DIY Driveway: ARB Cable Guide

ByWes WhitworthJune 18, 2020
DIY Driveway: ARB Cable Guide

For our next instalment in the Unsealed 4X4 DIY Driveway series, we’ve got a $25 bit of kit that can save you $30… again and again! If you’re anything like me, and have this innate problem with munching fridge cables in, well, just about anything they can get caught in, the ARB Cable Guide may just be the thing for you.

I recently picked up this little ARB Cable Guide from the local ARB store for a total cost of 25 dollarydoos. Before the tight-arses get on their high-horse and tell me “bUt YoU cAn BuY tHeM fRoM eBaY fOr $16”, yup, you sure can. I’ve had one. And it lasted a total of eight days before the plastic destroyed itself. Top-notch quality there, right?

I’ve now had this ARB Cable Guide in the back of the HiLux for three weeks (that’s when I did the video you’ll find below) and surprise, surprise, it’s still holding together as well as the day I bought it. So for the extra nine bucks, to support an Aussie company and get a decent quality product (that’ll last you years, not days), spend the bloody money!

Arb Cable Guide (2)

So this little bit of kit, if you’ve never seen one before, mounts next to your fridge or drawer slide, then you put the cable inside the runner and it moves the cable in and out as the slide goes. It won’t let the cable bunch up or get caught between the slide and your drawers, so you won’t cut the cable in half.

The ARB jobbie I bought also comes with a bunch of mounting hardware, from a couple of brackets to some screws to mount the base to your drawers, and a couple of M2 bolts and nuts to join the brackets up to the slide. Installation will take you about a beer, with the hardest things being opening the runner to insert the cable and then working out where to mount each end.

At the end of the day, the ARB Cable Guide is a magic bit of kit that will look after your fridge cable and any other power cable you want to run down to your fridge. A $25 cable guide will save your $30 cable just about every time you use your fridge slide; makes pretty good sense to a bloke like me who has repaired more cables than he’s had baked dinners!

Anyway, check out the video of how to install it and how it works below.