Contactless New Car Buying. The end of dealerships?

ByDean MellorMay 12, 2020
Contactless New Car Buying. The end of dealerships?

Contactless new car buying method introduced by Jeep Australia could spell the end for new car dealerships as we know them.

Jeep Virtual Demo is described as a virtual vehicle demonstration experience that allows potential customers to remotely experience a vehicle walk-around with a Jeep sales representative from the comfort of their home or office.

According to Jeep Australia, customers can register their interest and then be connected with their local Jeep dealer where a salesperson will give them a personalised live tour of the vehicle of interest via video stream.

For those who want to get behind the wheel, Jeep Australia says that test drives can also be organised through Jeep Virtual Demo, with the relevant dealership dropping off the vehicle at a customer’s doorstep “with the utmost in care and sanitisation processes in place”.

Contactless new car buying Jeep

Kevin Flynn, Managing Director of Jeep Australia said, “Offering a convenient and comfortable end-to-end new vehicle service for consumers is Jeep Australia’s priority during this extraordinary time.

“Through our network of dedicated dealers, we are committed to ensuring that customers can have all their questions answered, feel safe and have peace of mind in their experience with our dealerships, so that when it’s time to again explore the great outdoors, Australians will be adventure ready with Jeep.”

You can book a Jeep Virtual Demo through this link. See the demo video below:


The team at Unsealed 4×4 reckons the idea of not having to head into a car dealership would be appealing to many potential customers, regardless of the current circumstances forced upon us by COVID-19. Imagine a dealer showing you around the 4×4 of your dreams from the comfort of your home, and then having it delivered to you for a test drive!

Even when the current coronavirus pandemic is done and dusted, we think systems like Jeep Virtual Demo could spell the end of new car dealerships as we know them, replaced by warehouses full of stock and sales reps walking around with GoPros in hand, talking directly to potential customers. It would certainly lower new car dealership overheads, negating the need for prime real-estate positions and fancy showrooms and signage.

What do you think? Would you prefer a virtual vehicle demonstration or would the thought of missing out on the full sensory experience (think: new car smell) detract from the enjoyment of buying a new 4×4?