ByEvan SpenceJanuary 14, 2015

MSA Strap Dampener Bag

Safe recovery procedures are paramount when in the bush, which is why the MSA Strap Dampener Bag is such a well thought out idea. This clever design means the dampener is actually the carry bag too, which remains permanently attached to the strap. Made from heavy-duty 1680D oxford nylon, the bag even incorporates a carry handle and reflective high visibility strips which help with recoveries once the sun goes down. We like that this bag keeps your recovery gear safe, secure, and ready to go when you need it.

Priced at just $84

HEMA Explorer App

Whether you’re camping, four-wheel driving, or touring, Hema’s Explorer app is the go-to tool for interactive GPS navigation. It features more than 40,000 interactive points of interest and the ability to create and share your GPS tracks with the Hema Explorer Cloud. Version 2.0 of the Explorer app boasts a brand-new, more powerful mapping engine that improves the speed and responsiveness of the app. In addition, a redesigned route-maker makes it even easier to plan and plot your adventures in advance. Best of all, the update is free for those who have already downloaded the app.

Available for iOS and Android. priced at $49.99

Ironman 4X4 Compact Camping Gear

Sometimes you want to bring a kettle and a bucket with you…but sometimes they’re not exactly the right size to fit in your 4X4. Ironman 4X4’s new compact camping gear uses a bit of new-school technology so you can bring the old-school gear you want along with you on your touring adventures. The kettle uses high-temperature silicone to allow the unit to fold in half, and the bucket uses the same silicone to collapse into itself—making both items shockingly space efficient.

The Ironman kettle retails for $67 and the bucket for $34

ARB E-Z Tyre Deflator

We all know that correct tyre pressures are critical not just for tyre wear and performance, but also for traction and ride comfort while four-wheel driving. The ARB E-Z Deflator offers one of quickest methods of adjusting tyre pressures on the market, thanks to the clever design of the deflator. The key difference of this product is the deflator mechanism which works by removing the valve core from the tyre. Not only will it allow for quick deflation, but the ARB E-Z Deflator accurately measures tyre pressures, too. Constructed from corrosion resistant brass and stainless steel, you know the E-Z Deflator has been built to last, and even arrives in a sturdy canvas protective pouch to keep it safe while out on the tracks.

Priced at $67


The concept behind these works of art came after the owner of USA based Icon was asked by Toyota to design and build three prototypes which would possibly become the new 2007 FJ Cruiser. After Toyota decided to go away from the original FJ design and take a bold new design approach, the Icon team was inundated with requests from customers wanting a piece of their new-old 4X4 concepts. Now, if the idea of driving a brand-new FJ40 complete with coil-over suspension, a fuel injected v8, and modern appointments doesn’t get you excited, perhaps it’s time to check your pulse. Have a look through the website to see just which variant makes the top of your wish list.

Starting from US$105,000

Outdoor Hot Tub

There are only a few things that could make your favourite campsite even better. A hot tub is one of those things. Luckily some crazy people in America have found a way to make a portable hot tub so you can enjoy a relaxing soak anywhere you have access to water. The Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub is big enough for four of your closest friends (it’ll be a tight squeeze) and through the use of an interesting stainless steel coil, it can be heated either by propane or a campfire. The entire setup weighs just over 20kg and takes about 20 minutes to set up.

The complete package with heat coil and hot tub costs $US999

Red Winches

In the market for a hardcore winch? Check out this British-made brute that sports a serious military pedigree. The twin motor design has shockingly fast line speeds of 40m a minute and they’re available in four different versions ranging from models with a 30m drum capacity all the way to 100 metres! So no matter if you’re looking for a fast winch for regular duty, or you’d like to pull yourself by winch power down the road instead using your engine, RED has you covered. They’re distributed in Australia by Bendigo-based NJV 4X4.

Prices range from $5600 to $8000 depending on models

Diesel Flexitank

Fuel is expensive to start with, but finding a place to store extra fuel for those long adventures is even pricier. Diesel Flexitanks offer a lightweight, easy-to-use, affordable option that doesn’t require costly permanent vehicle modifications. Built around an innovative dual-layer bladder system, Diesel Flexitanks can store up to 100L of extra fuel in your rear passenger footwell. When you don’t need it, the Flexitank simply rolls up and stows away easily until it’s time to fill up again. They’re 100 percent engineered, designed, and manufactured in Australia using the latest fabrics and techniques to ensure safety and environmental compliance. This might just be the ticket for newer, more complex 4X4s that need additional range.

Prices start at $759 for a 35L Diesel Flexitank, with the 100L model $899

Darche High-View 2 Roof Top Tent

Constructed using 260gsm proofed poly-cotton, double-pass ripstop canvas, the Darche High-View 2 Roof Top Tent has been proudly tested in Australia for our rugged conditions. A tent isn’t much use without shade, so Darche include a large zip-on annex that allows access to the rear of your vehicle. Built on a lightweight alloy base which houses the 65mm high-density open cell foam mattress, the High-View even comes with a 2.3m telescopic alloy ladder which means there is no need for a ladder extension, even with vehicles that have been raised. Also, to avoid nasty surprises, Darche provide ropes, poles, pegs and instructions meaning no last-minute dash to shops before your next trip.

Priced at $1699

Ironman 4×4 Foam Cell Pro Shock Absorber

Ironman 4X4 knows a thing or two about suspension, so when they say that they started from a blank sheet to create a no-compromise product, there’s a good chance it’s going to be great. They know that keeping shock temperatures low and consistent means a better performing shock that lasts longer, and by using a larger outer shock body and more robust internal piston, Ironman was able to increase the oil volume and surface area on their new Foam Cell Pro Shock Absorber to do just that. The rebuildable design features 360-degree welded mounts, twin-tube construction, and a 20mm thick chrome hardened shock shaft.

Priced from $220 per shock

GME TX 665 and TX 675 Compact CB Radios

Being stuck without phone reception while exploring is not a situation you want to find yourself in. The best way to stay connected is with good quality UHF radio, however what if you need a more portable solution? The TX665 (1 watt) and TX675 (2 watt) compact handheld radios from GME make for the ideal way to communicate with other vehicles or family members when mobile reception is not available. With a choice of powerful 1 or 2 watt output, these compact radios have a range of up to 10km. The rechargeable lithium batteries offer up to 14 hours of run time, and allow for quick charge times of just four hours thanks to the multi-charge USB connection.

Pricing TBC, for more info check

Doble Outdoors 200T Tent Pole, Light and Device Charger

Make your campsite a brighter place while saving precious space inside your vehicle with the world’s first illuminated tent pole. Two-hundred-and-fifty lumens of well-distributed light and two USB ports to recharge your devices are packed into the previously under-utilised hollow interior of a tent pole, killing quite a few birds with one stone. On its lowest setting, it’ll stay lit for up to 250 hours—enough to keep your camp illuminated for weeks without a charge. It’s also capable of being recharged by a lightweight, weather-resistant 5W solar panel in three to six hours, depending on sunlight. Did we mention there’s even a mini table that attaches to the pole, perfect for holding your cold beverages?

The Doble Outdoors Combo Pack retails for $425 and comes with the 200T Tent Pole, 100P portable light, 5W Solar Panel, and mini table

Auto-Craft Firesticks

These Firesticks from Auto-Craft take camp cooking to the next level! Made from food grade stainless steel, they have been designed to last. Built around a height adjustable frame and hook, you can control the heat going into your food while cooking. Best of all, there is no need to bend over while cooking, there are fewer trip hazards around the fire, the chance of getting ash in the food is greatly reduced, and the biggest claim of all, no more smoke in your eyes. Capable of handling multiple items at a time, the Auto-Craft Firesticks come complete with two uprights, cross bar, a long and short adjustable hook, and a billy hook for moving or pouring your next cuppa.

Priced at just $195 for the kit

Snow Peak Packable Chopping Board Set

Having a good quality knife and chopping board stashed away in the camp kitchen is going to make cooking and preparing meals just that much easier. However chopping boards are bulky, and safely storing sharp knives without causing damage or injury can be tricky. So how do you get around this situation? Snow Peak has thought outside the box, by delivering a unique solution which houses the knife safely inside a sturdy folding chopping board. Not only does this take up far less space compared to a traditional chopping board, but the knife remains locked up securely out of harms way. The folding chopping board features high quality hardware to ensure it wont unlock while on the move, and incorporates clever rubber feet into the base to ensure trouble free operation while in use on less than ideal surfaces.

Available in two sizes,
prices range from $49-$69

Axial Wraith Spawn Rock Racer

So you want something that’ll go hard in the rocks, without breaking the bank? When it comes to full-sized four-wheel drives, your options might end up being a bit slim, but when you scale down the size of the vehicle, you also bring your budget down with it. The Axial Wraith Spawn Rock Racer has all the same bits that your full-size four-wheel drive has, along with the ability to upgrade and modify just like your big rig. It’s fast, it’s durable, and you’ll be amazed where it’ll go. Whether you take it along on a four-wheel drive adventure, or decide to create your own in the backyard, it would be a challenge to not have fun with this beast.

Prices start at US$575

Bad Elf GPS

It’s often the smallest items that pack the biggest punch, and the Bad Elf GPS Pro is the perfect example of this. Weighing in at just 90 grams, this simple to use, portable GPS unit is powerful enough to allow up to five separate devices to connect via Bluetooth. Featuring an extra large LCD screen with backlight, viewing the device couldn’t be simpler. The rugged splash-proof design lends itself well to the 4X4 lifestyle, and can even be used as a standalone data logger (up to 100 hours) so you can record your adventure with the one simple unit. With an extra long battery life, and additional apps available, you can stay out on the tracks for even longer!

Priced from just $199

Suunto Ambit 3

If you’re using your 4X4 as a way to get further out so you can bike, hike, or run where no one else goes, or you just like cool outdoor gadgets, the Suunto Ambit 3 is more like a computer for your wrist. It measures heart rate, speed, pace, distance, altitude, and it’ll even help you find your way with route navigation. Did we mention it syncs to your smartphone and has a wide variety of apps?

Priced from $450

GoPro HERO 4

These days, it sure seems like we’re recording nearly everything we do. From four-wheel drive tracks to surfing to a walk through the park, it’s being probably being captured by a GoPro, so it makes sense to have the latest version, doesn’t it? The GoPro HERO 4 brings increased image performance, along with the ability to record 4K footage, and perhaps more impressively, high-res 2.7K footage at 50 frames per second. They’re also waterproof to 40m, which is a lot more than your 4X4 can handle.

Prices range from $509 to $639