ByUnsealed 4X4October 3, 2017

The best camping dessert in the desert


Crisp, sweet, cool, tangy and creamy – who can resist the family favourite Vanilla Slice?  This camp ready version can be whipped up completely from pantry items. Just imagine – you’re a week into your desert journey and in less than 15 minutes, and some chilling time, you present this sweet treat to your travel weary crew. They’ll be calling you the “Outback Master Chef” for days.



3 x 200ml chilled long
life thickened cream cartons (or 600ml pot of fresh thickened cream)

1 x packet Lattice™  biscuits

1 x 100g vanilla Instant Pudding

1 x cup of icing sugar

1 x can passionfruit pulp
(or 1 fresh passionfruit)



  1. Ensure you chill the long life cream cartons for at least 3 hours.
  2. Line a lidded container with baking paper (watch the extra tips to find out where I got the perfect container).
  3. Place lattice biscuits, shiny side down, in container.
  4. Pour cream into mixing bowl. Rip open the cream carton and use a knife to scrape out any cream that may be left.
  5. Sprinkle over vanilla pudding powder.
  6. Mix until thick and custard like – I like to use a hand beater.
  7. Spread custard over bottom biscuits.
  8. Top with lattice biscuits (shiny side up).
  9. Place icing sugar in a bowl. Mix in one tablespoon of passionfruit pulp. Add more passionfruit pulp if needed to get a thick pourable consistency. Spread icing over biscuits.
  10. Set in car fridge for 2 hours (if you can wait that long!).
  11. Slice between the biscuits with a sharp knife and serve. Store in fridge for 2 days if using long life cream or up to 3 days with fresh cream.