Cars fined for parking in truck parks

ByWes WhitworthJanuary 21, 2020
Cars fined for parking in truck parks

A trial by Transport NSW will see motorists fined $114 for parking cars in dedicated truck parks and overstaying in time-limited parking spots at two rest areas along the Pacific Highway.

Two rest areas, Yelgun which is just north of Brunswick Heads and Arrawarra which is north of Coffs Harbour are trialling new restrictions, with an on-the-spot fine of $114 to be levied against those breaking the rules. The reason for the more stringent parking rules are part of a new trial to ensure that “spaces are available for all drivers to rest and manage their fatigue”, according to the ‘Transport for NSW’ department (and as noted by our sister publication RV Daily). Aside from fines for those that are parking in dedicated heavy vehicle places, the areas will also be trialling a 4-hour stopping limit for light vehicles.

The main issue is that, according to authorities, heavy vehicles have rolled through the rest areas needing to take a mandated break due to their driving requirements, but have not had available parks due to light vehicles using the spots. Transport NSW has stated it will be working with NSW Police and the local councils (Byron Shire Council and Coffs Harbour City Council) as to who will enforce it primarily. Essentially both NSW Police officers and Council Rangers are able to issue fines to those motorists disobeying the signs and parking restrictions.

When quizzed on how this will impact motorists that are travelling up and down the coast that need to take a break and a quick kip, Transport for NSW has stated that there will be signage explaining that there are nearby accommodation options for those who need to stay longer than a four-hour break.

Question: What do you think? Fair enough that cars are being fined for parking in truck parks? Or is this just highlighting that there is not nearly enough infrastructure as more and more of us take to the roads for holidays?