Buy a Twisted Defender 110 with a Corvette engine and bucket seats

ByIsaac BoberSeptember 26, 2019
Buy a Twisted Defender 110 with a Corvette engine and bucket seats

Not over the shock of the new Defender…this should help, it’s a Twisted Defender 110 with a V8, racing seats, two-inch lift and more…and it’s available for shipping to Australia.

Twisted is a Yorkshire, UK company that takes buys up old Defenders and transforms them into, well, the thing you see here. Most are intended for the home market but this one here is available for export, including to Australia.

There’s no price listed for this beastie but given the vehicles for-sale around it run from £74,000 ($135,000) through to £160,000 ($293,000) we wouldn’t expect this one to be cheap. But then, the price of even a very-nearly-buggered Defender in this country will cost you silly money.

Besides the base vehicle, what does your undisclosed amount get you?

According to Twisted there’s about 600 hours of re-building time involved in this vehicle. It new leather interior including racing-style heated front seats, carpet and insulation, new infotainment system, second-row air-con, and Twisted’s own, newly designed centre console, six-piston (front) and four-piston (rear) brake upgrade, two-inch lift, long-range fuel tank, upgraded ARB air locking diffs, drive shafts, half shafts and flanges, full 110 roll cage, flared wheel guards, and XS side step. There’s also, LED lights for head, tail, indicators and brakes, towball and electrics, Warn winch and Light Force spot lights. But the show-stopper is the 6.2-litre LS3 V8 under the bonnet which is good for about 320kW (yep, that’s a Corvette motor).

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Question: So, what do you think…the ultimate Defender?