Big Red LED Light Bar Kits for Campers

ByJosh NeedsAugust 20, 2018
Big Red LED Light Bar Kits for Campers

The best source of light when camping at night is a nice campfire, but unfortunately, or sensibly, you can’t have a fire right next to your camper or campsite. The next best thing these days are good quality LED lights, lots of light with minimum power draw. Big Red have recently released a new range of 12V LED light bars. With aluminium housing and at 50cm in length they’re said to provide a broad spread of ambient light. With plenty of mounting options from magnet-friendly surfaces to using the included Velcro straps, it gives you the ability to provide light wherever it is required. Big Red also claim that they have solved the issue of bugs being attracted to your lights by using dual colour light bars which combine white and amber LEDs to provide an amber light that insects are supposedly not attracted to.

Prices start from $139

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