August 2015 – INDUSTRY NEWS

ByEvan SpenceAugust 5, 2015
August 2015 – INDUSTRY NEWS

From the end of July, Burson Group will become the owner of 55 Opposite Lock four-wheel drive stores across Australia. This will add the backing of a huge company behind the off-road aftermarket accessory supplier, with the aim of promoting their products to a mainstream level. The reason for this decision comes as no surprise; the four-wheel drive sector has grown substantially over the last few years. In fact it is the fastest growing sector in the automotive industry, so there is obvious merit in the decision.

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In an exciting twist, there are plans to further expand the Opposite Lock brand, with the possibility of more outlets, and distributing Opposite Lock products through other automotive retail outlets owned by the Burson Group.


To highlight just how much financial power the Burson Group has behind them, they are in the process of purchasing Metcash’s automotive operation for an estimated $275 million. This gives the Burson Group ownership of automotive business such as Autobarn, Autopro, ABS, and Midas Mufflers. The acquisition of Opposite Lock was a mere drop in the ocean, coming in at a claimed $12 million.


Stay tuned for more updates, as we are sure this will be big news for the four-wheel drive community, as well as newcomers to the off-road scene.


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