ByUnsealed 4X4October 4, 2017

Allison is lucky enough to live close to the stunning Victorian High Country, and as such has set up this Mitsubishi Challenger for both long-distance and weekend touring duties. So far she is extremely impressed with the Challenger too; it’s been doing everything she has asked of it and more. This is helped along by a few key accessories… such as a 100L Brown Davis long-range fuel tank, a 2-inch lift, TJM bullbar, awning and (in her words) ‘a really old Uniden UHF, but it works’. A set of home-built drawers houses an ARB fridge, and there’s enough space left over for 60L of drinking water or firewood. So far, Allison has taken her Challenger through NSW, Qld and SA as well as all the big-ticket locations in the High Country including as many huts as Allison could find. Congrats on winning this issue of Readers Rigs, Allison!




This is one of the most modified Ford Everests we have seen yet, with Michael wasting no time to get it built the way he wanted it to be. A front locker was installed to complement the factory rear locker, as well as an ARB BP51 50mm suspension lift which helps provide more clearance as well as a cushy ride. General Grabber AT2 tyres get traction to the ground, and there’s an extensive array of barwork including something we will be seeing more of in the future – an AdBlue tank bash plate. Interestingly, Michael has had the Everest vinyl-wrapped with a clear wrap to protect the paintwork from scratches. Inside the Ford there’s a drawer system with fridge slide, as well as an auxiliary battery system to keep the fridge running. Well done on building an extremely capable and comfortable tourer, Michael.  




Details of Robert and Faye’s F250 are a little scarce, as these images were taken by an Unsealed 4X4 staff member out at the Big Red Bash. But we wanted to include it anyway, as it’s such a unique setup that proves you don’t need the newest or most mainstream 4X4 to get out there and do big trips. What you do need is a reliable 4X4… and considering the age of this F250 you would have to assume it has seen some pretty serious maintenance over the years. What we can see is a set of Mickey Thompson MTZs, a set of spotlights as old as the sun that have been mounted to a 5-poster bullbar, and cab air-conditioning that looks like it came off a Mack truck. The canopy setup is a pearler, boasting not only enough space for storage and a huge kitchen area, but with the pop-top on the roof it also doubles as the sleeping quarters. What a beast of a tourer, guys!




David bought this 1996 ex-rental Troop Carrier back in 1999 with 130,000km on the clock. It now has over 360,000km on it without much more than regular servicing being required. David did have to get a new rear diff and seals installed, as well as some work to the front end and transfer case over the years, but otherwise it has been flawless. As this is an ex-Britz pop-top camper it is fully kitted out inside with an Engel fridge, cupboards, sink, bed and dual fuel tanks. David has added a 45L water tank, an ARB towbar, driving lights, a UHF and dual batteries. There isn’t any fancy suspension or diff locks; David has opted to leave things mechanically as stock as possible. But he did decide on ditching the old 16-inch split rims early on in the piece, to fit a set of wider steel wheels. David sums it up as a great old vehicle that is simple and tough as nails. And who are we to disagree?