ByEvan SpenceFebruary 29, 2016


Twin-head air compressors aren’t a new invention by any means, but it must be said you don’t see too many of them around these days. After our massive air compressor comparison back in Issue 17 of Unsealed 4X4, a company called AirDevil Accessories contacted us claiming its new twin-head compressor is a serious contender in the portable air compressor market. And by looking at it, you would have to think that, with twice the components, it should be a potent performer. So, with a few big claims being thrown around, we simply had to take a closer look at it and see if it could knock the ARB Twin unit (we previously crowned the winner) off the podium.

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For the purpose of consistency, we wanted to use the same equipment and methodology applied in our air compressor comparison. We dragged out the same five 31in tyres, heat gun and Tyre Dog tyre pressure monitoring system originally used; however unfortunately we didn’t have an Iveco Daily to power the compressor so we had to use a staff four-wheel drive. Each tyre had the valve cores removed to release all pressure; and once a tyre was inflated to 30psi, we moved onto the next until all five had been inflated. The whole procedure has been timed, and the operating temperature of each cylinder head on the compressor has been measured. So, how does it stack up?



Model tested: 12V AirDevil Heavy Duty 4X4 Air Compressor (300lpm).

Cylinders: Twin 60mm cylinder heads.

Power cable: 1.8m length, heavy-duty cabling with battery clamps.

Max pressure: 150psi (claimed).

Max voltage: 13.8V (claimed).

Compressor: 1.5HP oil-less direct drive motor with built-in thermal cut-off.

Air filters: Built-in and cleanable.

Weight: 9.3kg


Airdevil testers notes: Ran smooth and quietly, there was a slight electrical burning smell noticeable though. The electrical cabling was quite thick and short, meaning reduced chance of voltage loss. To make up for this, the supplied air hose was extremely long and of good quality too.



Did the AirDevil Twin knock the ARB Twin off the podium? Well, no not really… but it did a damn good job trying. It ran nearly ten degrees hotter, which is a negative, but it was actually one second faster on its first tyre than the ARB unit. When looking at the overall tally in our air compressor comparison, going off times alone it would have placed second overall, creeping in front of compressors from Mean Mother and Supercheap Auto who placed second and third respectively. If this is AirDevil’s first crack at making a compressor, they must be commended for the overall performance offered by this unit.


Words by Evan Spence