A selection of new gear from Uniden

ByUnsealed 4X4June 12, 2020
A selection of new gear from Uniden

As travel restrictions ease this new gear from Uniden will help travellers stay better connected and safer while exploring Australia. It includes the new UH620 series of handheld UHF radios, the UPP1000 jump-start kit and the Dash View 30 Smart Dash Cam.


Uniden UH620 handheld UHF radios

The UH620 series of handheld UHF radios are available in 1-Watt, 1.5-Watt and 2-Watt models, with a claimed range of up to 13km depending on conditions. Features include an in-built LED light, 80 UHF channels, up to 20 hours of talk time before recharging, and a micro-USB port to recharge the batteries.

RRP: $79.95 UH620 radio single pack; $179.95 UH620-2DLX radio twin pack
Website: Uniden UH620

Uniden Uh620

UPP1000 jump-start kit

The UPP1000 is a jump start kit that’s claimed to be powerful enough to start petrol and diesel vehicles with a flat battery. It has a 500A start current and 1000A peak current, which is said to be enough to start petrol engines up to 7.0L capacity and diesel engines up to 5.0L capacity, multiple times on one charge. It has smart clamp protection and can also be used as a portable powerbank to charge smartphones, tablets and other USB electronic devices. The jump starter is also waterproof with an IP67 rating and it has a powerful LED flashlight. We reviewed the UPP1000 jump-start kit not long ago and you can read that review here.

RRP: $199.95
Website: Uniden UPP1000 

Uniden Upp1000 Heroshot Cmyk


Dash View 30 Smart Dash Cam

The Dash View 30 Smart Dash Cam is designed to capture crisp and detailed video of your journey in bright or low-light conditions. It has a slim and stylish design that sits discreetly inside the vehicle ready to record every detail on the road. It has a 2.5K video resolution front camera with a 140° wide-angle lens and it features safety speed/red light camera warnings, voice guidance control, inbuilt GPS and dual band Wi-Fi for fast data transfer to Apple and Android smartphone devices via the DashView App. It comes standard with a 32GB Micro SD Card.

RRP: $399.95 
Website: Uniden Dash View 30

Uniden Dashview30 Angle Cmyk