2020 Peugeot Landtrek revealed – Could it come to Australia?

ByJosh NeedsFebruary 21, 2020
2020 Peugeot Landtrek revealed – Could it come to Australia?

The 2020 Peugeot Landtrek has been revealed boasting petrol and diesel engines, manual and automatic transmissions…and it could come to Australia. Maybe.

On the cards for the last 12 months, the Peugeot Landtrek has finally been revealed and while Australia seems like the perfect place for the thing and an opportunity for Peugeot to improve its lot in this country (via the exit of the Holden Colorado and Mercedes-Benz X-Class) it’s initial roll-out is for South America and Sub-Saharan Africa. Unsealed 4X4 has reached out to Peugeot Australia for a comment on the Landtrek but, at the time of publication, we hadn’t received a response. According to the press kit, other countries are on the list for deployment but we do know the Landtrek won’t be available in Europe.

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Part of a joint project with Chinese car maker, Changan Automobile, the Landtrek (twin under the skin to the Changan Kaicheng F70 – see picture below) is available in a range of body styles, including cab chassis, single cab, and dual-cab it borrows styling cues from Peugeot’s SUV range both on the outside and inside. There are two engines available, a 1.9-litre turbodiesel four-cylinder making 110kW and 320Nm of torque from 1800 – 2800rpm, and a 2.4-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine that produces 155kW at 5600rpm, and 320Nm between 2000-4000rpm. The turbodiesel is only available with a six-speed manual while the petrol engine can be had with either the manual transmission or a six-speed automatic.

Changan Kaicheng F70 2

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In terms of load-carrying ability, the best in the range is the diesel-powered, 4×2, single cab with a maximum payload of 1210kg, while the the diesel 4X4 dual cab offers 1020kg. The payload is impressive but even more so is the size of the tray across the variants which offer segment leading load lugging. The Landtrek’s tub has been designed to carry euro-pallets (800x1200mm), and the dual-cab has a tub length of 1610mm (it can take two euro pallets) and width between the wheel arches of 1220mm. Which is impressive when considering the market-leading dual-cab 4X4 Ford Ranger’s tub only measures 1549mm long and 1139mm between the wheel arches. Indeed, the single-cab variant will carry three euro pallets. There’s LED tub lighting and a 12V socket. Some variants can even be had without a rear bumper allowing a 180-degree folding tailgate.

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As far as it’s off-road ability is concerned, the numbers are pretty good. The Landtrek offers a 600mm wading depth (although its twin the Changan Kaicheng F70 offers a 900mm wading depth so that could be a misprint in the press kit) with 29-, 27-, and 25-degree, approach, departure and ramp over angle, respectively. Peugeot also claims it can drive on a side slope of up to 42-degrees. The Landtrek’s ground clearance depends on the wheels fitted, with the 16-inch wheels offering just 214mm of clearance, while 17- or 18-inch wheels give a claimed 235mm of ground clearance. Four-wheel drive High- and low-range is selected via a rotary dial with low-range offering a 2.7 to 1 reduction ratio. A rear-differential eLocker is standard across the 4X4 range. There’s some confusion around towing, one part of the press kit references a 3500kg towing capacity while another only 3000kg.

The Landtrek offers a heap of internal flexibility with a three-person bench seat offered (the backrest of the centre seat can be folded down to form an armrest or be used as work table) with the rear seat measuring 1510mm wide at the shoulders with a 60:40 split. The backrests when folded down can hold 100kg and there are ISOFIX mounts on the two outboard seats. There’s up to 27 litres of storage in the cabin.

Peugeot Landtrek

The design of the interior is easily one of the best-looking out of any dual-cab on the market, taking its design cues from both the Peugeot 3008 and 508. The dashboard is dominated by a 10-inch infotainment screen (from the 508) that offers Apple and Android connectivity and the two-spoke steering wheel is off the 3008. There’s dual-zone climate control, a 10GB on-board hard-drive and styling and attention to detail that’s lacking on key competitor product. Indeed, not even the likes of the top-spec Amarok or X-Class can match the interior styling and quality of the Landtrek.

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Peugeot hasn’t forgotten about safety or technology in the Landtrek either with six-airbags as standard but there’s no mention of autonomous emergency braking. The Landtrek offers Hill Descent Control, ASR (traction control), and Trailer Swing Control to improve towing safety. Specific models of the Landtrek can also be fitted with up to four cameras which provides 360-degree monitoring for when you’re parking in town, or they can be manually toggled for off-road driving.

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