2020 Nissan Pathfinder N-TREK edition revealed… It’s soft now but we’ve got proof the Pathie used to be tough

ByJosh NeedsFebruary 7, 2020
2020 Nissan Pathfinder N-TREK edition revealed… It’s soft now but we’ve got proof the Pathie used to be tough

Nissan has expanded its N-Trek series announcing the release of a Nissan Pathfinder N-Trek edition, which will go on sale this month (February). But the Pathfinder used to be tough, remember that?

Off the back of the semi-success of the Navara N-Trek, Nissan has chosen to give the Pathfinder the N-TREK treatment. Those who are hoping this will turn it from a soft-roader back into a capable 4X4 just as it used to be, well, prepare to be disappointed. Nissan says the N-Trek version of the seven-seat soft-roader, “pays homage to the long tradition of comfort, quality and off-road ability for which the model has always been associated.”

However, the N-TREK edition Pathfinder doesn’t come with re-engineered suspension, or snorkel for “off-road ability”, it still is very much an on-road SUV. The upgrades include a myriad of black styling accents such as a new grille and badges, along with unique 18-inch alloys and 25mm wider tyres. And that’s about it.

The Managing director at Nissan Australia, Stephen Lester said: “The new Nissan Pathfinder N-Trek Special Edition is designed to appeal to active outdoor lifestyle families who appreciate the standout features included in the N-Trek specification. Pathfinder offers an abundance of interior space, a compelling suite of Intelligent Mobility features designed to keep occupants safe, and a highly dynamic powertrain package that makes it a top choice for growing families with an active lifestyle.”

While the transition of the Pathfinder from capable four-wheel-drive to soft-roader is disappointing, it does still have some redeeming qualities. Namely, the 202kW and 340Nm 3.5-litre V6 under the bonnet. It’s a cracker and would have worked wonders under the bonnet of the N-Trek Warrior. Sigh.

Now, who can remember back to when the Pathfinder was a proper 4X4 and a genuine competitor to vehicles like the Toyota Surf…even Nissan marketed the thing as a truck that could help you get off the blacktop and then thrash around off-road…if you ever needed to escape a pod, gang, murder, herd, or whatever the collective term is, for bikies. Check it out:

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