1. I have just read the section on diesel is dying, yes there is Euro 6 coming and for thos that have knowledge into the emissions would know that Europe and USA have already found a solution which was formulated in Germany.” Adblue” and this is sold in service stations and truck stops around Australia.
    All new trucks have this as does the buses that are diesel fueled.
    The new Mazda diesels and Mercedes vehicles also have this as it is stored in a seperate tank and not mixed with the fuel it is sprayed in the exhaust system after the turbo or just into the exhaust outlet and converts the Nitros Oxide into Hydrogen and water.
    The means that the engines are now SCR (selected catalytic reduction ) in stead of EGR (exhaust gas re circulation) so the engine now burns less fuel and runs cooler which means it lasts longer.
    The cost of the Adblue is covered by the fuel saving as it should burn around 3 to 4% of the quantity of fuel.
    The most of the publicity is on CO2 but the acid rain and real poison is in the Nitos Oxide which this will solve and the next stage in Europe is to increase the Urea solution so as to make it breathable, but beware as in Australia there are some back yard manufacturers that are not producing to the correct standard.

    If you need any information on where to buy the liquid you can call a company called Goblue and speak to Aaron Roberts the general manager as I am sure he could give you some advice. his telephone number is 0427 838 050.

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