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This is a new release from Rhino Rack – a folding aerial bracket that allows you to raise or lower your aerial or sand flag (for example) if you are forced to park in a low-slung garage. Or you perhaps have an addiction to shopping centre car parks and fast food drive-throughs. Regardless, having seven different positions and a range of 180° to attach the lankiest of accessories is a benefit both on-road and off-road. A simple yet effective spring loaded locking T-lever allows ease of adjustment; a security bolt can also be added for extra peace of mind. Constructed with a steel-frame body for durability, the Rhino Rack Folding Aerial Bracket is designed to work with bullbar mountings as well as the range of Rhino Rack Vortex, Heavy Duty and Pioneer roof rack systems.



Priced from: $89


  1. Does this function as a ‘knockdown’ mount?
    ie will it allow an antenna to fold down should it hit a tree or do you have to manually lower it each time?

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