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The latest release from Bainbridge Technologies is the CTEK D250SA 20A DC/DC battery charger and CTEK SMARTPASS 120 on-board power management system. Think of this as a dual-battery setup on steroids, but with so many more features than that. The SMARTPASS 120 is a fully automatic 120A controller that distributes power between the starting and auxiliary batteries without the need for traditional diodes or VSR relays. It also features dynamic over current protection, current source priority to power accessories on the run, battery guard to protect your batteries and start assistance to link batteries in the event of a flat. The CTEK D250SA five-step charger provides a quick and reliable source for charging your batteries from either the vehicle’s alternator or solar. Its features include smart alternator compatibility, AGM charge functions, direct connection for solar power, and temperature compensation to monitor hot or cold conditions and prevent the risk of battery overheating or overcharging.


Priced from $499 for the CTEK D250SA and $531 for the SMARTPASS 120


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