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Long-term Product Review: 55L Evakool Fridgemate

In 4X4 Reviews, Gear Reviews by Morgan Lane1 Comment

Ugly Yellow Box 9 year test – Like a fine nine-year-old scotch, my Evakool Fridgemate has gotten better with age.   Paul Simon’s Graceland has a line that goes, “My travelling companion is nine years old, he is the child of my first marriage” which sums this review up perfectly. Nine years ago, my ex (we weren’t married, and yes I kept the fridge) and I bought the most reliable and useful camping product I’ve …

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Product Review: Companion Aqua Cube Logic Li

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The camping accessory you never knew you needed.   We’ve dragged this new portable shower unit through the Outback for a month, asked it to operate in the High Country in near-freezing temperatures and used it to keep man’s best friend looking his best. I wanted to be sure of this product before I shared my thoughts on it. You see, camping-based hot water services have been average at best in the past. There was …

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Reviewed: AOR Matrix Pop Top

In Camper Trailer And Caravan Reviews by Morgan Lane1 Comment

The AOR Matrix… good enough to be a movie but best taken camping.   Matrix can mean many things, but I’m going to bastardise the Oxford Dictionary definition by dropping in the words ‘camper’ and ‘adventure’. Matrix: A camper in which adventure is shaped. And I can tell you the name fits this definition – so expect a most excellent adventure with the one of these things. Steve Budden, a fitter and turner, inventor and …

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Mitsubishi Triton GLS Double-cab review

In Vehicle Reviews by Morgan Lane2 Comments

The Triton is one of the best-value options for the pragmatic ute buyer, but it has to work hard against some sharp competition. We give one a solid on-road and off-road test, to see how it stacks up.   ON-ROAD Daily driving the Triton is a positive and painless experience. Suspension is nicely tuned, with the typical firmness in the rear end. Steering is tight, and the turning circle is impressively small. The engine purrs …

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Long-term product review: ARB Twin Air Compressor

In 4X4 Reviews, Gear Reviews by Morgan Lane1 Comment

Time to take a closer look at the ARB Twin Air Compressor after the last year-and-a-bit of service… CLICK HERE TO READ THIS STORY IN OUR ONLINE MAGAZINE Back in Issue 17 of Unsealed 4X4, we put together a massive 12V portable air compressor comparison and the clear winner was the ARB Twin Air Compressor. It was the fastest unit tested, and felt to be the best quality; but it was also the most expensive …

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Pioneer Campers Mitchell

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When Pioneer handed over its biggest and best camper, we were more than a little excited. Find out if it lived up to our expectations… CLICK HERE TO READ THIS STORY IN OUR ONLINE MAGAZINE Naming your flagship camper trailer after someone as ingrained in the Outback heritage of Australia as Thomas Mitchell means you’d better come up with the goods. We took the Mitchell on a week-long trip through southern Victoria to find out. …

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Should I buy a Great Wall ute?

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The all-new Steed is a move in the right direction for the Chinese brand… but it isn’t without its problems. CLICK HERE TO READ THIS STORY IN OUR ONLINE MAGAZINE We Australians are a bit of a xenophobic bunch, both historically and contemporarily. Let’s not get into nitty-gritty political details here, aside from the fact that when I started road-testing the new Chinese ute on the block – the Great Wall Steed – the whole …

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REVIEWED: Honda EU10i from Generator Place

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Generators can be polarising among the Outback touring fraternity. But there’s a time and place for everything and the latest models available from Generator Place might just get you thinking.   CLICK HERE TO READ THIS STORY IN OUR ONLINE MAGAZINE   I’ve always believed that piece and quiet should go hand-in-hand once you’re away from the Big Smoke. I’ve got solar panels for my vehicle, solar panels for my camper; and to be honest …

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New vehicle news: Land Rover Discovery Pricing released

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Starting from $65K The 2017 Land Rover Discovery looks to be a pretty special beast, evolving the already advanced Discovery 4 to even greater heights. Like the early Disco 3 models, these will come in a cheap, cloth interior and coil-sprung ‘S’ variant – starting at only $65,960. You’ll have to wait a few months after launch for one of these, however.   CLICK HERE TO READ THIS STORY IN OUR ONLINE MAGAZINE   From …

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REVIEWED: Kelly Campers Glenrowan II

In 4X4 Reviews, Camper Trailer And Caravan Reviews, Vehicle Reviews by Morgan Lane1 Comment

… Ned would be proud Thunder, lightning and heavy rain did not deter my enthusiasm for checking out the new Kelly Camper. It’s smart, innovative and could be bulletproof… although I didn’t test it for that.   CLICK HERE TO READ THIS STORY IN OUR ONLINE MAGAZINE   The first thing that you will notice is that the Kelly Glenrowan II is boxy. We’ve all become accustomed to how a camper looks, but this one …

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New vehicle news: Triton Updates

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Keen on a Mitsubishi Triton? You’re best-off waiting on up-spec’d MY17 models, or bargaining hard on leftover 2016 stock. GLS and Exceed models get a new 7-in touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as a leather steering wheel and some styling changes. GLX and GLX+ reversing camera standard, as well as Bridgestone Dueler A/T D693 tyres that replace highway terrains. This makes one of the sharpest-priced 4X4 utes even better value, …

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Reviewed: Jurgens TuffTrax

In Vehicle Reviews by Dex Fulton0 Comments

Jurgens challenged us to try and break their new off-road camper. Challenge accepted!   A lot of trailer manufacturers these days market their campers and vans as ‘off-road’ capable. The problem is – what do they classify as ‘off-road’? Some play it straight and design their frames and suspension to handle pretty much anything your 4X4 can. Others consider that ‘off-road’ means a well-graded dirt road and the grassy section of the local caravan park …

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Staff corner: Tucker box

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The compact kitchen that’s anything but… When I looking for a 4X4, unfortunately my pocketbook didn’t cater for a massive vehicle and I am very happy with my little Jeep Cherokee Sport. It manages to go where all the bigger 4X4s can.   CLICK HERE TO READ THIS STORY IN OUR ONLINE MAGAZINE   But it is a short wheel base and has a small boot. So, while it’s all nice and good to have …

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The Ultimate Expedition Guide

In 4X4 Reviews, Features, Vehicles by Dex Fulton0 Comments

The 4X4s you can trust to get you Outback and back again, and what to steer clear of… Sometimes I get asked, “Why do you need that great big car? It’s not fuel-efficient, it’s difficult to park and it cost more to register than my Barina.” While all of that may be true, it totally misses the point. And I’m generally a pretty polite person so I resist the temptation to reply with a disparaging …

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Mercedes-Benz G-Professional landed in Australia

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On the back of picking up the lucrative Australian Defence Force supply contract, Mercedes-Benz has released a single-cab variant of its well-regarded G-Class 4X4. It’s got an impressive specs list, so let’s get to it:   CLICK HERE TO READ THIS STORY IN OUR ONLINE MAGAZINE   4,495kg GVM 2,085kg payload 245mm ground clearance 38° approach, 35° departure and 22° rampover angles 650mm wading depth Full-time 4WD 2,210kg braked towing limit Locking front, rear and …

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Round LED driving LIGHTs retested

In Gear Reviews by Dex Fulton0 Comments

Back in Issue #023 of Unsealed 4X4 we put together one of the biggest product comparisons of round LED driving lights ever conducted. In that test, there was a water submersion component where all lights were warmed up, then dunked into a fish tank (very scientific, right?). While this test method was a tad crude, it did alert us to three sets of LED driving lights that let in a small amount of water. Each …

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79 Series Super Tourer

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Our newest contributors walk us through their touring vehicle – which is one of the most comprehensively set up rigs we’ve ever seen.   When asked to write an article about ourselves and our setup, it’s not until we really start to think about what to say that we realise how hard it is to write about ourselves. In a nutshell, we’re adventurers of sorts; so kicking back and sipping cocktails around the pool is …

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Duelling Dual-cabs – Ranger vs Amarok V6 vs Hilux

In 4X4 Reviews, Vehicles by Sam Purcell0 Comments

Toyota’s HiLux and Ford’s Ranger have a massive sales supremacy in the 4X4 ute segment. Their latest challenge is Volkswagen’s Amarok V6, sporting the most powerful motor in the segment. We compare them, head to head. In the world of dual-cab utes, the HiLux and the Ranger are Australia’s favourites. By a long shot. They easily are selling over 2,500 4X4 utes each per month, and are both in the running to be one of …

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The Best Awning (that nobody is buying)

In Gear Reviews by Morgan Lane1 Comment

Rhino Rack’s Sunseeker Dome 1300 Awning is a new take on a familiar setup.   You know what it’s like when you’re safely sheltered under your awning in a sudden downpour – only to find that after a while bulges begin to appear, quickly followed by a hunt for the nearest stick or long pointy object to try and direct about 20L of pooling water away from your camp chair and dinner. This is usually …

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In Camper Trailer And Caravan Reviews by Morgan Lane0 Comments

A camper trailer that’s hard as nails on the outside, but practical and comfortable inside   It’s been a while since we checked in on Track Trailers down in Melbourne, but we’ve always been fans of the brand here at Unsealed 4X4… so when Lloyd Waldron, the Marketing and Media Manager, gave us a call recently to tell us they’d significantly updated a couple of their best-sellers we were a little excited. In fact, Pat …

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Reviewed – Achilles Desert Hawk XMT

In Gear Reviews by Morgan Lane0 Comments

The budget beater.   Rubber is rubber, right? Er, no; not really. When it comes to tyres there are big differences in shape, size, tread, compounds and performance. Around 500 kilometres ago we fitted a set of Achilles Desert Hawk XMTs to our 2006 Jeep Cherokee. Over this time I’ve managed to give them a good work out over a variety of terrain. On the blacktop I found them to be like any muddies – they …

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Road Test – 2017 Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series

In Vehicle Reviews, Vehicles by Morgan Lane1 Comment

Some BIG changes breathe new life into a rugged old legend   The product planning, design and engineering team at Toyota Australia deserves a massive pat on the back. Somehow, amongst a sea of high-volume, global selling Corollas, RAV4s and hybrids, they managed to get the relatively tiny volume 70 Series LandCruiser back onto the drawing board.   For images, videos and the full Unsealed 4X4 experience, read this in our online magazine.   A …

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In Gear Reviews by Dex Fulton0 Comments

These portable power packs can make your electronics last the distance out bush   Pipe down, luddites. The future is here and technology is part of off-roading whether you like it or not. While you’re grumbling away to yourself about ‘the vibe’ of getting out there without mobile reception, technology is making it easier and safer than ever to actually get out there. GPS units let us plot routes through locations we’ve never driven, allowing …

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Weather Apps …are they any good?

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Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you…   Unless you’re one of those storm-chasing weirdos, spending more than a night or two camping in a torrential downpour is nobody’s idea of a good time. The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has some terrific resources available to you to check weather patterns before you leave, but what happens when your smartphone drops out of range and you’re in solid ‘No Service’ territory?   The BoM’s …

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We ran Dobinson MRR Remote Res shocks on two very different Nissan Patrols to come up with one solid verdict.   Scott Mason, our gun photographer and serial wanderer, was having issues with the suspension in his GU Patrol. As was I… truth be told. My GQ Patrol had just clocked over 320,000km and was still on what looked to be stock suspension; and yes, it was woeful. Scott on the other hand had spent …

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In Gear Reviews by Dex Fulton5 Comments

This ain’t your grandad’s air pump, this thing seriously blows! Er… in a good way   There’s a few ways you can look at compressed air, and unfortunately 99% of accessory manufacturers look at it the boring way. The basic intro most people have to compressed air off-road is the ability to pump tyres back up after a day on the tracks. The huge marketing hype can basically be summed up into ‘you don’t have …

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In Camper Trailer And Caravan Reviews by Dex Fulton0 Comments

Looking for an Aussie-built, side-folding trailer built to your specifications? Step right in…   While bigger players can mass-produce models on a production line, a bespoke product built by a dedicated quality-focused team is hard to beat. George and Teresa Minaides are owners and operators of Follow Me Campers located at Wangara, Perth, in Western Australia.   Both George and Teresa have a simple view – camping should be a pleasure for the whole family …

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Pining for the days where 4X4s were tough and shorts were short?  Iveco has you covered.   Forget brand allegiance for a minute. Forget about the cool builds you’ve seen in magazines. Forget about the undoubtedly hilarious stickers of Calvin relieving himself on someone else’s brand of 4X4. Forget it all for just one minute and imagine. Imagine what your perfect 4X4 would be, what it could do, and what it’d have. Imagine the kind …

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From fighting ISIS in the middle of the desert to climbing steep Himalayan passes, this just might be the coolest 4X4 you’re too scared to own…    For images and the full Unsealed 4X4 experience, read this in our online magazine.   Resisting change could almost be an Australian pastime. We’ll fight tooth and nail against anything we deem as unproven… that is, of course, until it proves itself. Then we’re all about it. It’s the reason so …

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  We put the latest All-Terrains from Toyo through 5,000km of Outback hell – did they survive?   When it comes to long-distance touring it’s hard to go by a good set of All-Terrains. Sure, they’re not as sexy as a set of muddies and they tend not to grip so well in the slop, but for endless miles of bitumen, dirt road corrugations, sand, and gibber plains… they’re the tyre-style of choice for countless …